Happy Birthday Party of One

I’m a huge birthday gal but as I get older the thrill is sho nuff gone. I actually have birthday burn out. And more importantly I don’t like putting expectations on others to make my birthday memorable. At the risk of sounding like a wise elder, which I am far from, I now (okay this time around at least) just want to celebrate my birthday in a more personally meaningful way. Yes, that could mean being surrounded by people you care about but if that doesn’t happen, here are some ways to celebrate your day, solo style.

  • Treat Yo Self- Get your hair done, nails done, go to the spa
  • Take a mini vacation- On your own, explore a city, sit on a beach, take a road trip. Give yourself time to reflect and enjoy the moments on your own where it’s all about you
  • Escape- Go check out a movie (especially at one of the new “luxury” cinemas) or see a play
  • Take an exercise class- One way to show thanks for another year is by  starting it off with a healthy option like yoga, spinning or zumba 
  • Go shopping- Do we ever really get past the stage of wanting a new birthday outfit? Not me!
  • Challenge yourself-Another way to take on a new year for you is to do something you normally don’t or rarely do: cook a new dish, run that 5k(or more), volunteer at habitat for humanity, finally check out that trivia night at the bar down the street

Any other ideas of good ways to self celebrate your birthday?

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