Big Eyes: How to Get the False Lash Look with Just Mascara


I have searched for hundreds of years (k so not that long) for a quick and non annoying way to get those false lash looks without the stress of putting on fake lashes. Sure, on a full moon I can successfully put on some lashes but most of the time I just look like Janis from the Muppets with my results. muppet_janice

I’ve tried thousands(k, maybe like ten) of mascaras in an attempt to replicate the divaness of false lashes and honestly, nothing works. Sure, the ads will tell you their mascaras are just like falsies but don’t believe the hype. But all is not lost. So you can’t have lashes like Kim K without some false action. Kim-Kardashian-Eyelashes-440x421

Doesn’t mean you can’t still have bombshell, diva lashes. Here are my top mascara’s that give you diva life without the hassle of lash application.

Loreal Manga – $7.99

Maybelline Pushup – $9.49  (I also want to try  Sensational with this company)

Diorshow Iconic  -$28.50

Benefit They’re Real! – $24

Ok, so you have the mascara. Now to give it the extra ooomph to make ’em pop.

When applying the first coat (yep, gonna go for more than one), wiggle the wand from side to side as you go up the lash.

Repeat a second time and more until you get the pop you like.

Don’t forget to put a coat on the bottom lashes.

Now, if you want doll like lashes like Kim K above, after the mascara has dried a little, vertically (like a windshield wiper) go over the lashes.

I’m telling ya, it works every time. Might get a little messy but nothing a tissue or Q-tip can’t fix. Now you got red carpet eyes without the application headache, so go somewhere fancy!


Traveling to Baltimore

As you may or may not have known, I moved back to Baltimore for the time being. I’ve done posts on Baltimore before but it’s different now that I’m a resident again. And I’m always eager to give readers another view of Baltimore other than what is shown on TV. If you should ever find yourself in DC I would suggest making a side day trip to Baltimore. It’s a small town feel in a city. Very accessible. Sure, it has its mixture of grungy but there are many quaint little areas to take a dine and shop and sight see. And Baltimore is listed in Zagat’s as the second top Foodie city of 2015 (behind Pittsburg but above NYC and DC). diningFor this alone it’s worth a look and I’ve been eating all around town (sadly for my diet). It’s also a town of beer and awesome craft cocktails. And let’s not forget the museums and creative arts scene (live music, theaters, eclectic museums) which is super strong here.  Here are just a few spots I’ve grabbed at bite at since being back that I really enjoyed (more to come):

Myths and Moonshine– I was intrigued by the premise alone so I came to this Canton spot for happy hour with some friends. I never had moonshine so it seemed kind of like a cool idea. The array of moonshine available is intimidating. Who knew there was more than one kind? They can mix it with preset cocktails after you pick your moonshine (I think I had the fizzy daddy). They also serve food  (hush puppies and sliders are yummy) and I believe have music from time to time. A very chill but fun environment.

Azumi – Came to this Harbor East location on a date and I have to say this spot is great for date night. Especially in the warm weather. It over looks the harbor and is dark and sophisticated.  The environment is so nice at night (grown and sexy) so I would come back here even just for cocktails. And apparently there is a DJ here on the weekends.

The Food Market– I came to this Hampden spot for my birthday for dinner (and the scallops) and another time for brunch. The food is farm to table and great both times. If you are a fan of fresh food then this is a great spot to check out. It’s a restaurant and bar and has a wide open and bright atmosphere.

Homeslyce– Came to this Mt. Vernon spot (they are also located in Federal Hill, Canton and Columbia)  for pizza and salad. It’s  a simple pizza bar. The food is good, the atmosphere is relaxed and apparently they have bocce and skee ball in the basement (if that means anything). All in all a good place to grab a slice or more.

Pen and Quill– Located next to the Charles Theater, I came here for happy hour with friends. This place has a nice vibe, very smart, white collar yet relaxed, if that makes sense. I had a sparkling negroni for $5 (delish) and a fried chicken sandwich which was worth the calories. My friends were pretty happy with their dishes too so I can’t imagine you could go wrong.

My Thai –  In the Little Italy area, I’ve come here a couple of times for happy hour (that have an extended happy hour on Friday nights as well as a DJ during that time). The drinks are tasty and the so is the food (I shared the fried green beans- just about anything is tasty fried, shrimp dumplings and donuts). Definitely a spot I wouldn’t mind frequenting.

These are just a few on my list. More post to come on fun places to visit on my travels and in Baltimore.


A Cosmo Gal’s Guide to Surviving the Winter

I hate the winter. Or rather, I hate the cold. I could do winter year round if it didn’t dip below 75 degrees and was sunny all the time and the days remained long. Winter has no redeeming value to me so I tend to venture towards hibernation and peak out when spring starts. But I admit that can make the winter months quite boring. So in an effort to put more Cosmo in my type A life during the winter, I thought up some activities to keep me busy and warm.

  • Get in to the arts. Those cold, early dark evenings are the perfect time to go see a play or check out a museum.
  • Get to cooking. Now is the time I am going to focus more on honing my cooking skills now that I don’t have rooftop or sidewalk dining to lore me away.cook
  • Join a workout or dance class. If you are a sociable outdoor lover but not a cold lover, taking a workout class is a good option to staying active and making new friends all while keeping warm.
  • Try online dating. Apparently winter is the best time of the year to meet a new love online.
  • Throw a potluck or game night. A good way to be sociable while staying in.

FamilyGameNight 006

  • Check out snazzy bars with fireplaces. If you need to venture out, now’s the time to check out a sexy fireplace with an old fashioned drink in a tight off the shoulder sweater.
  • Take up a hobby. Start a blog/vlog, write that book, paint that masterpiece, sew that dress…
  • Travel! A lot of people save traveling for the summer, but want to know the best time to really appreciate Jamaica? In the cold! (check your almanac to see when the big snow is supposed to come so you aren’t scheduling something that will be cancelled due to weather, it’s not always exact but better than nothing)
  • Binge watch if you must. I don’t like to promote couch potato activities but the winter is a good time to check the hype of some shows. Maybe do that while cooking or taking up a hobby…
  • Read all about it. And to balance out the binge watching, cozy up to a good book, or audio book or listen and learn a new language while you do one of the  other suggestions (type A girl can multitask).reading

Hope this helps in the fight against cold and boredom during the winter months. Morale of the story, take this time to stay in and get to know and improve you!

Winterizing your body for the cold


Yep I said it, winterize your body. So you know I hate the cold but not just because the temperatures make me want to fight the air. However, I can’t ignore the fact that the harsh, dry, cold winter air does not do wonders for the body. So there are some things I do to try to get me looking less that the snow monster from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and more like myself! snow man

  • Body– So my skin is super dry in the winter and my regular lotion is a joke in the winter. If you have dry itchy skin try putting on an oil gel right after the shower and add cocoa butter or shea butter on top of that. My personal go to is Johnson’s baby oil gel with Shea and Cocoa Butter. Also don’t forget a good body moisturizing body wash with a butter!gel
  • Feet– I don’t get as many pedicures in the winter but that doesn’t mean my feet are hoofs. I keep them as presentable as possible by using a personal pedi. Get’s rid of dead skin and calluses and is quick and painless.pedi
  • Face– I am a big fan of facials and although I have super oily skin it still becomes overly dry in the winter. One way to get rid of dry patchy skin is with a glycolic peel or pad. My current fav is Peter Roth glycolic max complexion correction pads.peel
  • Hair– My hair gets dry as well in the winter. And with curly, natural hair it can really get brittle, especially when you add in workouts. One thing to do is cleansing conditioners in lieu of shampoo (and never use sulfate based products for natural or curly hair). I don’t have a brand I particularly like so I go with any kind. When I wear my hair in its curly state I also do the L.O.C. method (I do this year round actually). I put in a leave in conditioner, an oil like coconut or castor oil, and a cream (my fav or Miss Jessie’s products)miss jessies
  • Hands– Nothing gives away your age more than hands (and your neck). So I leave a thick hand cream by my bedside. Besides aging I also hate my hands to look like I just been digging in flour. If I go to work forgetting to lotion up the digits, I keep lotion in my purse and a big bottle at my desk. I really like lotions with, you guessed it, shea butters!
Hope this helps. What are some things you do to keep yourself looking good in the cold?


How to Plan a Trip- Type A style


Welcome back. As you might have noticed my site had a little face lift. Type A gal knows there are others like me, working and playing in the city and looking to enjoy the world. So while I share some of my best cosmo tips (best food spots, makeup, travel) also join me in my journey in concurring cooking, worklife and relationships…with a Type A twist of course!

So to start the new year off right, I thought I’d begin with some tried and true tips on planning a getaway. Hey, I’m cold, its dark, where’s the beach? You can’t be a type A without being a planner but if that’s not your thing or you are overwhelmed at just how to plan a fun vaca, here are a few tried and true tips.

1)Start with the flight.

Sure some trips are cheaper if booked together with the hotel. But not all. In general, you are saving if you book hotel and flight together if you go overseas. My go to website for that is virgin vacations . For island getaways, southwest vacations has some good deals. However, if you want to book a short trip state side, kayak really is your friend. You can compare flights from many different airlines (except southwest).


I don’t know why they look so excited about booking a flight, maybe they going to Ibiza or something?

* The earlier you book your flight the better. Most travel experts will say book stateside trips around 2 months in advance. Overseas, say to Europe, I’ve seen most say six months in advance.

**If your dates are flexible, check the month you want to go and see which days or weeks might be the most economical. Some sites show the cost of flights on each day. Kayak,as well as other sites, allow you to do a search agent which will give you a daily or weekly alert when flights you want are around a certain price.

*** And according to my research Tuesdays and Sundays are best to actually book the flight (cheaper).


I don’t just leave it up to price or location for a hotel. I look to ratings tripadvisor is your friend. I also search based on interests. If I want the party life or to be near the sights or quiet or beach etc., I’ll search through the tripadvisor forums to see what other travelers say about hotels and locations (or pose my own questions to get answers) that meet those requirements. Who wants to end up on a couples resort if you are going with a bunch of single pals or party it up but you are located 20 miles from the fun.

*Sometimes calling the hotel directly is cheaper than going online or even through the discount sites like expedia so just search and call around.


This can be the forgotten piece. Don’t leave it up to chance to arrange travel to and from the airport, particularly when going to the islands. Sometimes winging it can be good. Going to Ireland or Vegas? Eh, grab a cab when you get off the plane. Going to Jamaica? Book that baby in advance (see my post on Jamaica). It’s cheaper. Also consider a hotel walking distance to a metro or bus for easy/cheaper transport while in town.


I’ve gotten a few black car services from the airport. Can be a good deal if splitting with friends. And its nice n stuff.

4) Fun Stuff.

Okay this is the part that most people don’t like to do because it involves loads of research. The length and depths of my research all depend on how far I’m going. If it’s state side I usually just check Yelp  or Trip Advisor, and maybe a local paper of my destination. If it’s overseas, I’m doing all that plus reading travel websites like Fodors  and Lonely Planet  for the touristy things to do and for tips about the culture. Check forums for non touristy stuff and to find fun places to eat, shop, and nightlife that might meet your specific interests. Other good sites: Time out and WikiTravel. I also search Instagram for amateur pictures of where I am going that might give me more exposure on what to really expect. Now is the time to book the bigger excursions (cheaper sometimes and avoids wait times) you’ll want to do on the trip.

Finally… have fun.

Traveling While Black: Jamaica and Bahamas

Sure I might make a loose itinerary of things to do each day but I don’t care if I go off the list. Planning is more of a backup in case I am overwhelmed about what to do. But once you’re there be in the moment and enjoy! Till next time…