Winterizing your body for the cold

Yep I said it, winterize your body. So you know I hate the cold but not just because the temperatures make me want to fight the air. However, I can’t ignore the fact that the harsh, dry, cold winter air does not do wonders for the body. So there are some things I do to try to get me looking less that the snow monster from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and more like myself! snow man

  • Body– So my skin is super dry in the winter and my regular lotion is a joke in the winter. If you have dry itchy skin try putting on an oil gel right after the shower and add cocoa butter or shea butter on top of that. My personal go to is Johnson’s baby oil gel with Shea and Cocoa Butter. Also don’t forget a good body moisturizing body wash with a butter!gel
  • Feet– I don’t get as many pedicures in the winter but that doesn’t mean my feet are hoofs. I keep them as presentable as possible by using a personal pedi. Get’s rid of dead skin and calluses and is quick and painless.pedi
  • Face– I am a big fan of facials and although I have super oily skin it still becomes overly dry in the winter. One way to get rid of dry patchy skin is with a glycolic peel or pad. My current fav is Peter Roth glycolic max complexion correction pads.peel
  • Hair– My hair gets dry as well in the winter. And with curly, natural hair it can really get brittle, especially when you add in workouts. One thing to do is cleansing conditioners in lieu of shampoo (and never use sulfate based products for natural or curly hair). I don’t have a brand I particularly like so I go with any kind. When I wear my hair in its curly state I also do the L.O.C. method (I do this year round actually). I put in a leave in conditioner, an oil like coconut or castor oil, and a cream (my fav or Miss Jessie’s products)miss jessies
  • Hands– Nothing gives away your age more than hands (and your neck). So I leave a thick hand cream by my bedside. Besides aging I also hate my hands to look like I just been digging in flour. If I go to work forgetting to lotion up the digits, I keep lotion in my purse and a big bottle at my desk. I really like lotions with, you guessed it, shea butters!
Hope this helps. What are some things you do to keep yourself looking good in the cold?



  1. Love these tips. Sleeping in moisturizing gloves or wearing them for 15 minutes when you are on the go after applying moisturizer works wonders for hands. .


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