Packing for a long flight

Sooo I’m going to Thailand and Malaysia for a few (more to come on that trip in future post) and I have to admit I’m a bit intimidated for several reasons but the first being that this is a long trip. My longest flight was 8-10 hours and I remember a particularly harrowing flight back where I had a bad sinus infection that at the time I thought was really me catching some exotic disease. I was in misery.


In any event, once I saw that the first leg of my flight to Dubai was going to be 12 hours and then another 6-7 hours to Thailand, well, I passed out. When I awoke and determined that I could not get a refund, I took a deep breath and decided that I might as well do the best research I could to prepare for the long journey. So here is my list of all the items I suggest packing in your carry on or on your person for very long flights:

Face/body wipes- unless you are flying first class a shower may not be available and if your journey is around 24 hours like mine, well, a bit of touchups are required.

Make up

Deodorant/mini perfume

Tooth brush/paste- usually long flights give you these but just in case…

Noise cancelling headphones/ear plugs- to drown out folks snoring, babies crying, people talking

Eye Mask- usually they turn down the overhead lights at the times you are meant to sleep but this helps as well

Sleep aid- I am horrible with sleeping anywhere that is not a bed so I will need some help with a Melatonin aid

Entertainment- Sure the flight might have movies and game options but if things don’t interest you bring magazines, books, ipad with movies/reading/games

Snacks- Don’t depend on the flight food. If you don’t like the options, it’s a long way utill you get to food again

Water- Flights dehydrate you so when you get to the airport buy a big bottle of water

First aid kit- more for landing issues so you aren’t searching for a pharmacy- band aids, Neosporin, hydrocortisone

Medication- Since it’s a long flight, have it with you, As well as a pain reliever and sinus pressure/cold meds, stomach calming medicine (like Imodium AD and Tums)

Skin care needs- acne cream, clear sleeping mask to combat long flight irritation to skin, under eye cream, spf facial lotion, moisturizing toner (witch-hazel has them in TSA friendly pads

Comfy clothes- At least wear yoga pants and comfy slip on shoes

Cardigan- it can get cold

Neck Pillow

Seat cushion- If you are like me with lower back pain, having this can be helpful if you are sitting long

Charger- Some planes have plugs in for long flights but not all are that cool so bring one as you may not get to a plug or your adapter to use with the plug in 24 hours or more

Extra change of clothes and undergarments- Just in case you can’t get to your stuff for a while for unforeseen reasons (it’s happened to me)

Travel sized hair care products- for the same reason as above

Hair scarf- to lock the moisture in if you have curly hair or dry hair, assuming you don’t mind being seen with it on

Pen- for signing custom forms


Surgical stockings- This might not be the right name but its to keep your circulation going in your legs during long sit downs. This is a necessity for anyone prone to blood clots.


Sooo needless to say you might need to bring the largest carry on the flight will allow and a nice sized purse/bag that can fit under the front seat to pack all of this but being ready can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your flight





Beauty haul: Matte Lippies


The Matte lipstick craze has been going on for a while now and I know I’m late to the game but over the past year I’ve become obsessed. It wasn’t an easy transition for me to go to bold, matte lips. I have fuller lips and all my life my lipstick journey has been to not emphasize them. Wearing a neutral shimmer lipstick was my go to. However, I woke up months ago and said “Cat (that’s what I call myself), why are you hiding something that some women pay money to have? Love what God gave you?”

And since full lips are the thing right now, why not just go out and go hard. Go for mattes!

About 12 matte lipsticks later (I told you I was obsessed), I’ve found some of my favorite, cheap brands. Nothing against the department store lippies, but I go all out on most of my skincare products and lipsticks are just not one of them.

So here are some of my favorite matte affordable lipsticks that work on medium brown skin (because not all colors are for everyone, especially in a bold matte).

Color Pop. I am so in love with this brand. They are only $6 a pop and show up in full color. They are kiss proof and drink proof. You an eat with it and might need a bit of retouching. It dries almost immediately which is a plus as some mattes take a bit of time to dry to get the matte look. The only con is that they can be a bit drying so you might have to exfoliate your lips from time to time. Here are some pics of my favorites. The top color is in full dry matte form.

lippie 1

Lax (dry), Chilly Chilli (still wet), Tulle (stll wet, gets darker)



LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss– $5. You can find this online but many of your local beauty supply stores will have it as well. Some of the colors are a bit much for me but there are a few colors that are wearable without standing out too much. It doesn’t dry as quickly at color pop but it will dry. The colors are also strong and vivid and it last pretty long as well although not fully kiss proof/drink proof

lippie 3

NYX matt lip cream Rome, LA Girl Matte Rebel, Color POP More Better



NYX– $6. I love this brand in general. They are great dupe for expensive department store brands. They have a very large array of matte lippies. They also dry quickly but are not fully food/drink proof. I like the liquid suede line and  the matte lip creams.

Ruby Kisses– $3-$4 The cheapest of the bunch. The laquer takes a while to dry but the lipstick

lip 4

Ruby Kisses Spicy Brown, Ruby Kisses Lacquer Ruby, NYX Soft Spoken (great dupe for Kat Von D Lolita)


is quick drying. The colors are vivid and it is long lasting (not full food proof).

Stuffed Bell Peppers


Still cooking ya’ll. Sometimes its a hit, other times it’s a miss. However, I think I found a hit with my stuffed bell peppers.

Here’s the recipe with my short cuts:

I got two red bell peppers that I cut in half length wise

Set the oven for 350 degrees.

Then I cooked half a pound of ground turkey  and sprinkled with onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder, salt, and black pepper (about 1 teaspoon for each)

I mixed in a can of diced tomatoes (or tomato sauce or paste)

I also made rice (I just use the microwave packs, just one pack)

Stuff the peppers with the rice and turkey mixture.

Put in oven with foil covering for 10 minutes, then uncover and continue for 15 minutes.

Remove and sprinkle with a cheese of your choice (you can also bake with cheese). Done!

bell pepper

Shine Bright Like A Diamond


Make up artist talk about the dewy look. Me, I’m all about dry, matte skin. Why? Because normally I look like I ran a 5k or rubbed my face in Crisco without the aid of some type of skin care product. Thanks to my parents, I was born with super oily skin. On the bright side, no wrinkles. On the bad side, everything else.

So there are so many things I have tried to prevent my skin from shining bright like a diamond throughout the day. Here are my thoughts on what works and what doesn’t.

Milk of Magnesia- yes, you read that right. Check Youtube. It’s a known inexpensive primer/based before putting on your makeup. For me it didn’t work but some people swear by it. Since my skin is super oily I had to go harder.

Oil mattifiers- I have tried every brand. Both department store and drug store. To me they all work at the same level. My current go to is NYX. I love that line in total. Pretty good quality at drug store prices. I use Shine Killer and finish my make up off with Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray (But I don’t use the latter in the summer)matte spray

Blotting Paper- This is another product whose brand I have no loyalty. The good thing about paper is that you can pat the oil off without losing your makeup. But for me that’s where it ends. It doesn’t really prevent oil for me. If you get one, might as well try one with other benefits. Like this one from Boscia which also handles acne. blotting paper

HD Powder- This product by  makeup forever HD Microfinish Powder which is my best good friend. NYX also has a dupe but I haven’t tried it. powder

On my list to try:

Shine sticks. In particular Benefits and Loreal shine stick

Shine Balm. In particular Makeup Revolution and Revlon. Revlon

And if nothing works and you want to go to your dermatologist, ask about spironolactone. Which I find helped a lot with oil control and acne.

Stay dry!