Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Make up artist talk about the dewy look. Me, I’m all about dry, matte skin. Why? Because normally I look like I ran a 5k or rubbed my face in Crisco without the aid of some type of skin care product. Thanks to my parents, I was born with super oily skin. On the bright side, no wrinkles. On the bad side, everything else.

So there are so many things I have tried to prevent my skin from shining bright like a diamond throughout the day. Here are my thoughts on what works and what doesn’t.

Milk of Magnesia- yes, you read that right. Check Youtube. It’s a known inexpensive primer/based before putting on your makeup. For me it didn’t work but some people swear by it. Since my skin is super oily I had to go harder.

Oil mattifiers- I have tried every brand. Both department store and drug store. To me they all work at the same level. My current go to is NYX. I love that line in total. Pretty good quality at drug store prices. I use Shine Killer and finish my make up off with Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray (But I don’t use the latter in the summer)matte spray

Blotting Paper- This is another product whose brand I have no loyalty. The good thing about paper is that you can pat the oil off without losing your makeup. But for me that’s where it ends. It doesn’t really prevent oil for me. If you get one, might as well try one with other benefits. Like this one from Boscia which also handles acne. blotting paper

HD Powder- This product by  makeup forever HD Microfinish Powder which is my best good friend. NYX also has a dupe but I haven’t tried it. powder

On my list to try:

Shine sticks. In particular Benefits and Loreal shine stick

Shine Balm. In particular Makeup Revolution and Revlon. Revlon

And if nothing works and you want to go to your dermatologist, ask about spironolactone. Which I find helped a lot with oil control and acne.

Stay dry!


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