Packing for a long flight

Sooo I’m going to Thailand and Malaysia for a few (more to come on that trip in future post) and I have to admit I’m a bit intimidated for several reasons but the first being that this is a long trip. My longest flight was 8-10 hours and I remember a particularly harrowing flight back where I had a bad sinus infection that at the time I thought was really me catching some exotic disease. I was in misery.

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In any event, once I saw that the first leg of my flight to Dubai was going to be 12 hours and then another 6-7 hours to Thailand, well, I passed out. When I awoke and determined that I could not get a refund, I took a deep breath and decided that I might as well do the best research I could to prepare for the long journey. So here is my list of all the items I suggest packing in your carry on or on your person for very long flights:

Face/body wipes- unless you are flying first class a shower may not be available and if your journey is around 24 hours like mine, well, a bit of touchups are required.

Make up

Deodorant/mini perfume

Tooth brush/paste- usually long flights give you these but just in case…

Noise cancelling headphones/ear plugs- to drown out folks snoring, babies crying, people talking

Eye Mask- usually they turn down the overhead lights at the times you are meant to sleep but this helps as well

Sleep aid- I am horrible with sleeping anywhere that is not a bed so I will need some help with a Melatonin aid

Entertainment- Sure the flight might have movies and game options but if things don’t interest you bring magazines, books, ipad with movies/reading/games

Snacks- Don’t depend on the flight food. If you don’t like the options, it’s a long way utill you get to food again

Water- Flights dehydrate you so when you get to the airport buy a big bottle of water

First aid kit- more for landing issues so you aren’t searching for a pharmacy- band aids, Neosporin, hydrocortisone

Medication- Since it’s a long flight, have it with you, As well as a pain reliever and sinus pressure/cold meds, stomach calming medicine (like Imodium AD and Tums)

Skin care needs- acne cream, clear sleeping mask to combat long flight irritation to skin, under eye cream, spf facial lotion, moisturizing toner (witch-hazel has them in TSA friendly pads

Comfy clothes- At least wear yoga pants and comfy slip on shoes

Cardigan- it can get cold

Neck Pillow

Seat cushion- If you are like me with lower back pain, having this can be helpful if you are sitting long

Charger- Some planes have plugs in for long flights but not all are that cool so bring one as you may not get to a plug or your adapter to use with the plug in 24 hours or more

Extra change of clothes and undergarments- Just in case you can’t get to your stuff for a while for unforeseen reasons (it’s happened to me)

Travel sized hair care products- for the same reason as above

Hair scarf- to lock the moisture in if you have curly hair or dry hair, assuming you don’t mind being seen with it on

Pen- for signing custom forms


Surgical stockings- This might not be the right name but its to keep your circulation going in your legs during long sit downs. This is a necessity for anyone prone to blood clots.


Sooo needless to say you might need to bring the largest carry on the flight will allow and a nice sized purse/bag that can fit under the front seat to pack all of this but being ready can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your flight




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