Beauty Haul: Skincare

So I recently got a few items I’d been hearing about or eyeing for a while and wanted to share my thoughts. This go round the focus is on products for the skin/face.

Egyptian Magic– I don’t know what kind of potion this is but it is indeed magic. It’s not cheap (close to $30) but like Franks Red Hot Sauce I put that *&^$ on everything. Currently I’ve been using it for dry, flaky skin and it works wonders. Here is what Amazon says are the uses for this mystical cream:egyptian


Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream is an amazing all purpose cream for skin and hair. Heals, hydrates and conditions. Works as a body or face moisturizer, hair conditioner or after-shave. Heals chapped lips, mosquito bites, burns, blemishes and more.

Loreal Infallible Pro– Matte Foundation- I have super oily skin and even if the product is made for oily skin  it doesn’t always work. But this one, yasss! And I found a color that blends into my skin tone perfectly. The coverage is medicum so if you have marks to hide I’d use this in conjunction with a concealer.


Ambi Even and Clear + CC cream-This is a good skin care line for women of color. I’m obsessed with BB  and Color Corrective (CC) creams as they are all in one products (evens skin tone and complexation, primer, SPF, moisturizer and foundation). I run in to problems because many of these CC creams come in limited shades and are hard to match to me. However, this cream has a color that matches me well if blended properly  and the price is drug store affordable. This is great for everyday wear or wear under make up as a primer and SPF. ambi

NYX Pore Filler- Sadly, along with oily, acne prone skin, I also suffer with enlarged pores. When I want to take the time to give myself more of a smoother base I spackle my face with this stuff  before putting on my foundation (and sometimes after). It’s not full proof but my skin looks much more smooth. nyx


  1. Also having oily skin I use the L’Oréal Infallible Pro and love it. It is truly matte. Thanks for the product reviews. I will definitely check out some of the others.


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