Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur


So this a funny story, my group actually switched hotels as soon as we arrived. It just wasn’t in the best of areas (a bit sketchy) and the accommodations just weren’t up to our standards. Call me a snob but, no buts, I’m a snob. So before my head even hit the pillow I already booked another hotel. Not going to bad mouth the place we were at and name it but we relocated to the Metro 360 hotel. Very nice hotel with a pool and a  block away from a ton of restaurants, bars and a large street food area. Also not too far a walk to the metro.kl1

To Do

Kuala Lumpur is a small city but there is tons to check out. A must is going to the Batu caves. It is a religious cite with amazing statutes and the caves are uniquely up stairs. 270 something to be exact. But it’s well worth the exercise for a cool cave experience. kl2

I spent most of money on this trip in Malaysia. As a shopping fiend this place is dangerous. Our tour guide took us to a Butik Shop, and you’ll find lots of these all over, where you can get local, handmade scarfs and clothing with prints more local to Malaysia.

I also swung through China Town for some light shopping and then on to Central Market which was more of the highlight of my shopping time where you can find a lot of local items to buy. It’s also where I got my fish pedicure (tickles)

If you are looking for more mainstream/western shopping then check out the KLCC Mall. It’s located in the Petronas Towers (worth a side visit to the top).kl3 The mall is super huge. Six floors. And, as I explained in Thailand, the food courts are serious foodie events. The food court on the higher level is very much local fare so I’d recommend that for the more adventurous eater. The lower level food court has a mixture of every single type of food you can imagine, from Pho to Pasta to Pizza. I want to go back and eat my way through the place.


Nom Nom Nom

Ok, moving on.


Like I said before, our hotel is near a bunch of nightlife on Bukit Bintang and that’s pretty much where I hung out (although I do recommend a visit to the SkyBar if you can make it, great views).

So near my hotel I went to Elevate night club which was good for RnB, Hiphop and reggae. Gypsy Bar also had good music.

The Whiskey Bar was dark, cool and trendy and had a drink named Obama. Good but pricey whiskey based drinks and the food, I heard, was pretty great. And they have cigars so they cool and stuff.

Opium served me the best meal of my trip


So, Kuala Lumpur is a very liberal, majority (well 50%?) Muslim country. The next major ethnic group is Chinese, then Indian. There is also a large influx of Africans. This particular group has not always been met with open arms. This is in part due to some crime brought by certain African immigrants that “spoiled the bunch” sadly. However, I didn’t have any problems with how I was treated. We did not stand out like we did in Thailand. The most I got was a request to touch my curly hair (which was odd to me because I ran across a few locals with a similar curl pattern so I wasn’t that unique). I did not allow people to touch my hair because…

Ok so there were several places that did not have toilet paper. I’m not an expert in the culture but I was informed that the process is to clean with a hand (left?) and wash off (there were water hose type things in each stall). I carried tissue with me, although most places I went to had toilet paper. Cultural differences are always interesting to me. In the airport two women who were not used to toilets but there was a stall with a “hole” in the ground so they waited to use that one stall. I’ve seen such squatting toilets? in my travels before and had to use them. Had being the operative word. So to see women who preferred to use them over a regular toilet was curious to me. But I guess you go with what you know.

Overall this was a great trip and I’d definitely go back to Malaysia again and maybe check out some other nearby countries while there (Singapore and Bali are calling me!). Till next time…

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