How to pack for the right trip

So after traveling to Malaysia and Thailand and experiencing lugging heavy bags, differing luggage limitation with all the plane rides and just buying more than I thought, I began to rethink how I pack for trips.

I love fashion and makeup and hair care is very particular for me because not everywhere I got will have what I need. However, to make your life so much easier in your travels, remember that packing is not a “one size fits all” type of event. So for my fashionable cosmo folks here is my suggested fashion packing ideas depending on trip type.

Beach Trip

Think Jamaica. There are the obvious beach toiletries like sunblock and insect repellant. But when you talk fashion keep it casual. If you are going to be on a beach climate the whole time there is no need to bring heels. Not even platforms. Everytime I do I feel like it’s a waste of space because I never wear them. The key word is Casual.

  • Swim suits
  • Coverups/romper
  • beach flip flopsbeach wear 1
  • “fancy” evening flat sandals that are easy to slip on and off for beach parties
  • day time sandals
  • shorts/tops
  • sun dresses/maxi dress
  • Simple accessories
  • tinted cc cream, powder or concealer; bright lip stick (pink, tangerine, red); colorful eye liner (blue, green, purple); shimmery/gold shadow; blush, lengthening mascara
  • find ideas here 

Big City Trip/High Fashion

Think Paris. When I went to Paris years ago one thing I noticed is that fashion is not a game. One way to scream “I’m a tourist” is to walk around wearing tennis. The women were serious about fashion no matter the age. I hung my head in shame when an older diva walked past me in heels with me in my gym shoes. Now I’m not suggesting go sightseeing in 4 inch heels but the key word should be Trendy.

  • Jacket/Shawl
  • comfy yet fashionable flats (think converse or toms or ballet flats)
  • Jeans/cargo pants and tops
  • “fancy” top to go with jeans
  • Little black dress /evening dresses/jumpsuitcity 3
  • strappy heels
  • booties
  • statement necklace/bracelet/earringscity 2
  • primer, foundation, powder, high lighter, light and dark eye shadow, black gel eye liner, high volume/lengthening mascara, dark lip color and neutral lip colorparis 2
  • see ideas here: check out tjmaxx for ideas


City Trip/ Casual Environment

Think South Africa. A place where sight seeing and exploring is the number one goal but yet happening night life still exist. The key word is Adaptable

  • Cardigan/Shawl
  • flat sandals
  • tennis, toms, ballet flats
  • shorts/jeans/cargo pants and tops
  • evening knee length or mini dresses
  • cute evening tops
  • “fancy” flat sandals, maybe a comfortable platform
  • neutral color jewelry (think gold/silver) both simple and statement
  • tinted cc cream, foundation, powder, pinks/reddish lip sticks, brown/neutral shadows, brown and black eye liners, high volume mascara
  • Check out for ideas 


Pack smart!

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