Makeup Fav: Too Faced Chocolate Palette


I usually reserve my pricey makeup purchases for foundations and the occasional wonder mascara but then I said one day ‘Cat, treat yo self’. So I went to my local Ulta (or was it Sephora?) and got the popular Too Faced Chocolate Palette. And it was well worth the price because I love it!

I was looking for a palette with colors that would show well on my skin tone and this one does the trick!


With a good eye primer the colors show up nicely on brown skin. The package comes with a few how-to looks for those who don’t know where to begin. Here are a couple of looks I’ve done.



I also looked to YouTube for some good instructions on looks to copy and make sure I get my money’s worth out of this product. Here are a couple good tutorials.

Smokey Eye Look

Purple Smokey Eye Look

Glam Eye Look on Brown Skin

Gold Eye Look

If you’re looking for a good department store brand eye shadow set I think this is worth the money.



Brown Cod Fish

So I’m doing another post on my adventures with mail order cooking via Blue Apron.

This time a brown butter cod fish.

Here’s what they sent me:



3 cloves of garlic

purple potatoes

corn on the cob (which I had to cut the corn off of the stalk)

2 pieces of cod

malt vinegar

shiitake peppers


Here’s the process in pictures







cooked the cod in olive oil and butter and then put the malt vinegar over it. Extra sauce went over the vegetables.



The final result: Another win!  So far Blue Apron has an advocate in me. Next up…Tinkerbell Pepper Quesadillas

Cooking: Chicken Burger

So I finally gave in and decided to subscribe to Blue Apron. I’ve been eye stalking them for some time and I think food services like these are awesome for single people or just a couple who wants to do more home cooking but may not be as creative or talented on their own in the cooking division.

Out of all the many services out there I picked Blue Apron because I could tailor it to the type of food I would eat (I don’t eat red meat) and it was priced well for the market.

They shipped the ingredients in a large box with ice in it. All of the ingredients and step by step picture recipes are included. The sauces, butters, seasonings are all included as well (except for salt and pepper and olive oil).20160805_121210

I decided to go for what I thought would be the easiest of the bunch to make: Chicken Burgers.

I won’t go into the recipe (unless requested) but I will give the basic ingredients and tell my cooking story through pictures.


2 cloves of garlic


one stalk of lemon grass

2 small/medium potatoes


ground chicken


soy sauce

hoisin sauce

sriracha suace

2 burger buns



The end result was super good. I cut up the potatoes and baked them and made the burgers on the stove top. I don’t like mayo but the mayo-hoisin sauce was actually pretty good. Even after burning the buns, it was still good.

First meal a success. Next up…brown butter cod fish.

Blog Revisited: Getting Dolled

So once in a while I will be taking a stroll down memory lane and post a blog entry from years ago. My blog has gone through many makeovers including titles so a lot of this might be new to you dear reader. Take a look at this one:

Get Dolled Up…For the Store

So from time to time I will blog about the rules I wrote about in my novel, The Mission. Most of the rules are things I’ve heard from family, friends, TV or books and I decided to write a novel about a fictional try at following these popular “suggestions”. Some of these rules I have actually tried. Others I am conflicted about.

For instance:

Rule #3: Men can be found almost anywhere; you never know who’s out there so always look your best, even when taking out the garbage!

I met my first date since the “mission” began at the grocery store that Monday evening. Per the rules, I had to make an effort to look good wherever I went, so I dressed up for my weekly grocery shopping. Tight jeans, heels, hair down, makeup fresh. I spent less time getting ready for work.

Personally, this has been my hardship. I am one who will go to the grocery store right after a workout. Sweaty, frizzy haired. Guys still flirt because I have nice gym clothes on (hey, it’s half the battle of getting me out the door to workout) and they appreciate someone who works out. I actually feel good and therefore am exuding positive energy. The only negative is that I have my earphones in. If I’m jogging/walking from my house to the store I have to have my music and I carry that into the store. The side effect is that it cuts me off from communicating with those around me.

On the flip side, when I’m out wearing some heels, (click to read more)