Beauty Haul: It Cosmetics

If you can’t tell by now I am a sucker for some makeup. I also struggle with super duper oily skin, pores of life, and adult acne (seriously why haven’t we come up with a cure for that yet, ah yes, because there’s money in buying acne products, grumble capitalism grumble).

Anywho, there I was watching a TV show when up pops a lengthy commercial for It Cosmetics. I’m in a few make up facebook groups and I keep hearing about this brand. It sells in places like Sephora as well. Yet, here it was on TV promising all sorts of skin miracles from covering roseasa, dark circles, acne marks, wrinkle, large pores. You name it. It’s supposed to be a really cutting edge brand tested by plastic surgeons. And they had a sweet deal on a sample kit of the Beautiful You collection so I went on line and quickly made the purchase.

Some days later I got several products, some in travel size. Here are my thoughts:


Bye Bye Foundation- I believe this was a travel size. The claim is that it gives you full coverage without looking too cakey. One pump of the color didn’t get me exactly full coverage but it gave me much better coverage than other makeup. A second coating would do wonders I’m sure. I will say that it did help a lot against oiliness. I usually need a mattifying primer but didn’t need one with this (ok I forgot to put it on but turns out it worked). Also it is SPF 50 which is  a big perk. Biggest con- limited shades. I got the darkest color they had and it was still a smidge lighter than I’d prefer. I’m light/medium brown so this really excludes a LOT of skin tones.

Bye Bye Pores- I got this in a travel size and in a matching skin tone color. This is like wiping magic on your face. I have pores the size of pot holes (ok I’m exaggerating…a bit). So nothing was going to make them totally disappear into an alternate dimension. But this comes pretty close and it keeps the oiliness away. One of the few times I actually felt ok with my skin.

Bye Bye Anti Aging Concealer- got this in a travel size. This right here…*gets the holy ghost* is the truth. I will be buying this. It blended smoothly under my eyes and over spots. This concealer matched my skin tone better than the foundation. I don’t have dark circles but if I did I’d wear this all day all night.

Vitality Lip Flush 4 in 1 Reviver Lip Stain in Je Na Seis Quoi- On first sight I thought this was just a fancy chapstick. But I was wrong. It conditions your lips and brings out the natural pink in your lips so you look nice and pretty without being made up . There are other colors in the collection so I’m curious to try them as well

Hello Lashes 5 in 1 Mascara- I got it in a travel size. It’s suppose to prime, volumize, enhance, tint and curl. Really made my lashes pop. I’d get it again.

CC Raidiance Vitality Brightening Crème Disc- This was a full size contour pallet and consists of a bronzer, blush and highlighter. I lived the bronzer ad the blush was nice against my skin tone. The highlighter was a bit ashy on my complexation but it looked great on darker and lighter skin tones on youtube.

Heavenly Luxe Complexation Perfection Brush- I paid less for the whole kit than what this brush usually cost but let me tell you, this brush is everything! Feels like feathers on the skin and really helps press in the color for making pores look smaller and covering marks. Don’t even bother using a beauty blender.

All in all a lovely brand. Here is my look with all of the products. In my opinion it all came together for a very natural look!







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