St. Augustine, Florida

My family is from Jacksonville, Florida but all my visits there I have never been to St. Augustine. One of the oldest cities in the U.S., this adorable little town is about 45 minutes from the Jacksonville airport. It’s only a ten minute drive from Ponte Verde beach.  If I ever had to suggest a great place to visit for couples St. Augustine/Ponte Verde are it. Sure there is a college in St. Augustine and it can be a bit fratty so be mindful of when you go. I went just when school was beginning so it was a good mixture of all types.

Ponte Verde is a great place to rent a beach house, which gives you your own patch of beautiful private beach. Then when you get a little bored mosey on over to St. Augustine for some shopping, eating, and drinking. There is a large outlet for name band shopping but the real joy is going into the Old City part. Old buildings, historic sites, tasty restaurants and cute boutique shops.

For food, check out Brunch for, well, brunch and Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grill for, well, seafood!

For shopping check out the Red Pineapple.It’s near a ton of other shops as well. Stroll through the area and manage your funds or you’ll spend it all on clothes, food and knick knacks!


When there check out the Tini Martini Bar for all of the martinis. Pricy at $12 a martini but one is the size of two so it works out. Great place to sit out on the patio and people watch. They also have live music.

Sangrias Wine and Piano Bar is another good location for drinks, music, and people watching.


All and all, a cute town for history buffs, beach folk and those who like a slow paced scene but want something social. 20160819_163827

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