Fun and Quick Halloween Costume Designs for the Cosmo Gal

So in the spirit of Halloween I thought I couldn’t let my birth month end without a post on fun Halloween costumes for the urban gal who wants to look made up but not on a huge budget.

I am a huge Halloween gal so I have a bag stuffed with costume ideas. And if you are a makeup gal like me this is a great time of year to go all out with your looks. Here are some ideas I’ve tried or seen that are great for a gal who wants a cute (or just fun) look without a high cost.

Dark Fairy

This is a super easy one to do. All you need is a black dress or black separates, some black wings and maybe a head piece. You can also add fishnets and elf ears. But the key is the makeup. Some people are super skilled here but I am more average. All you may need outside of your normal makeup pallet is some white paint or liner.  Go with a smoky  and lined up eye, dark contouring/blush, some highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones. Then I added some black and white dots above the brow. I then did some creative liners outside the eye with the black and white pencils. Finish off with dark lips.


Black Cat

This is a simple and fun look. All you need are some ears, maybe a tail and a collar. Wear all black. The rest is makeup. Here is a fun and easy look to copy below.


Fallen Angel

Another easy and creative idea that is a play on words. An angel that literally fell and hurt herself. You need some wings and a halo and all white outfit. I slightly bent the halo, stuck some leaves in my hair, Band-Aid on my forehead and wrapped my hand.



For a zombie look just cut up a shirt, add some red paint, makeup. On the face do red shadow up to the brow and below the eye. Go over with dark eyeshawdow above and below. Use a black pencil for wavy lines below the eyes. If you are going zombie use the liner to make z shaped “scars” on your face add two short horizontal lines across the Z lines. Using red lipstick or pencil add “blood” around the lips. Go for dark lips.



This is a glamourous option. On the eyes go for gold/bronze colors. Line the upper lids with a gold eyeliner out to a cat eye. Copy that with black pencil on the bottom. Highlight cheekbones, tip of nose, inner corners of eyes and inside brow bone. Finish with some red lips and top with red glitter.



Blue shadow, highlight brow bone. The real look is in the liner as shown below. You can go however you like but this is a common and easy look.



This is a super easy look. For this I would go with face paint to help really make the look pop. White dots on the face (I’ve also seen this done with red and just as effective), blue to make tears under the eye and outline with black pencil. Outline the nose, eyes, lips, jaw, a line under the cheekbone, collar bone (and cleavage if you want) with black pencil. Red lip and white rectangle shape on the bottom lip to emulate shine. If you want to add more emotion you can do two short vertical black lines between the eyebrows. Painting on the Pow sign is optional.


Happy Halloween!

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