It’s a New Year But Focus on the Now.

happy-new-year-2015So each year we start with resolutions and hopes that this new year will be Our Year. Then things don’t go our way and as the year comes to a close we feel more beaten down and then repeat our mantra for the next year. I don’t know about you but I’m over that. I just want to be enjoy each year, each day, as it comes.

So for the new year I say focus on being in the moment and focus on the positive, creative and smart energy you need to get you to full realization of your dreams.

Easier said than done, right?

I’m, after all, a type A gal. My mind is always racing and causing me worry or stress. I sometimes think I can think my way into achieving my dreams. And yes positive thinking can work but not just overanalyzing or rehashing things you can’t control. Instead be in the moment you are in and focus on positivity as if you have achieved what you already want. I want to be thin, successful in my writing ventures, successful with my travel brand, married, a mother and so forth. Some of these things are within your control and others are not. The best you can do is push away the worry and be happy in your day to day with the expectation that you will get what you want.

So some quick things I use to help me keep my energy positive and be in the moment:


Rhonda Byrne Dailypedia App– This is basically The Secret in daily messages to you to help you stay in positive thinking

Headspaceheadspace– Awesome meditation app












Get Away

From Social Media- I have found that social media, especially Instagram and Facebook can be a root of all evil.  Comparing yourself to other people, feeling less than. People are only showing you the good sides of their lives. Don’t believe the hype we all have problems. social-media

Go somewhere- For me my happy place is traveling and it’s an awesome way to be in the moment, especially if that moment is on a beach


Build your happiness- If you can’t get away you can find ways to recreate your good vacation vibes at home. Think about vacations you loved and what made them enjoyable. Relaxing in a peaceful environment? Make a trip to the spa. Exploring a city? Check out your city or a nearby one as if you were a tourist. Having a great meal? Book a nice place in your town.

Make your home or a space in your home your sanctuary- I love a good smelling house, warm, low lights and candles. Turn the TV off for a while and read a book or write something. Of work on another creative venture. Basically do something you really like even if it’s for an hour. spa

Say and Feel Thanks

This is the most important one of all and can be easy to take for granted or to forget about when we are feeling down. One way to help you be in a thankful mode is to write down on a note card all the things you are thankful for, both big and small. Place it somewhere you can see often to remember. This will also put you in the feeling of thanks as you remember those things you are thankful for. Whenever I hit frustration over not yet achieving a goal I step back and think about the things I have achieved. Puts me in a better space and actually helps me work out the barriers I might have that are preventing me from reaching my goals. there-is-always-something-to-be-thankful-for

Well I hope this helps! Happy New Year!!!



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