Beauty Haul: ColourPop

So some time ago I made a beauty purchase to ColourPop (my favorite inexpensive lippie, eyeshadow, and blush brand) and so I’m giving you a quick review of my purchases.


Lips: Metallics Jam, 3 way, Zebra


I think they look great on medium brown skin. 3 way and Zebra are stand alone for your lips. Make sure your lips aren’t too dry as it can highlight lip lines. Jam looks better topped over another color, especially a nude color. It gives a nice pop as a center lip highlighter.


 Cheeks: Swift Blush and Candyman Highlighter

Both are fabulous on my skin tone. Swift gives my cheeks a bit of color and it’s not overpowering. Especially if I’m going for more of a bold eye or lip look. Candyman gives my skin a nice highlight and is now one of my favorites.


Here are some looks with the blush, highlighter and lips (zebra then 3 way)




Hope this helps!



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