Dating Advice from a Father


So I reached out to my dad some time ago for tips on dating and relationships that I thought would be a good post and spin for and early father’s day post. I figured he’d give me a few generic one-liners that I’d make pretty.

Boy was I wrong. And I should have figured. My dad is a thoughtful guy and a writer himself. He’s a bit kooky sometime but a deep thinker and the following advice my dad provides is pretty sound. I’m sure going to follow it!

My Father’s Top Five Tips on Dating and Relationships….

First: Truth and Honesty.

“Only those things built on truth and honesty will prevail.” An honest relationship can become a lasting relationship even if there is no chemical attraction. On the other hand, chemical attraction without truth and honesty are doomed as the chemical attraction subsides.

Second: Share your dreams.

If he has no dreams, then he is ‘suspect’. Sharing dreams and hopes reveals the person. Watch their eyes as they envision that which they hold in their hearts. Spend some time here. I have learned that great relationships are built on “dream sharing”. When two people who love and respect each other have the same dream or co-op each other’s dreams they become more than a team, they become a force!

Third: Find out what you like.

Find something about him that you truthfully and honestly like (not how he looks, he had nothing to do with that). It could be his haircut, but not his hair. His glasses, not his eyes. Find something that HE did to make himself the person you see before you. Then let him know what you like…

Fourth: Smile

and look into his eyes. Let him see the you behind the eyes and vice versa.

Fifth: Be Yourself.

In all of creation there has only been and will only be one YOU! It is my personal opinion that the NUMBER ONE cause of dysfunctional relationships is poor self-esteem of one or both participants. Be happy and proud of who you are…it will show. People want to tap into your life if you appear to have it “going on.”


It may take a date or two because you may want to know each other, but try this… You order his dinner and he orders yours. Imagine.

Thanks for the advice dad! happy-fathers-day



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