October Newsletter: Boston and Horror films from around the world

Happy Fall, readers! I love October! It’s not too hot, not too cold. It’s the month I was born and it has Halloween, my favorite holiday! In this month’s feature we talk 24 hours in Boston and my favorite international horror films in the Out the Box section.


How a Cosmo Girl Spends a Day in Boston

I was sent to Boston for work recently and although I didn’t get to enjoy the city as much as I’d like for the almost two days I was there because…work, I did get to get out in the evening to check out the city. If you are ever in Boston for a short period of time, here are some places to check out.

boston 1


I stayed at the historic Omni hotel. It’s a hotel steeped in history, hosting leaders for the past couple hundred years including JFK and Malcom X. Since the hotel is historic, it’s also old so if you want something state of the art this isn’t for you. However, if you like history, I’d recommend it. It’s also in a great location in the city near restaurants and bars and right on the Freedom Trail.


If you can, do a hop-on hop-off bus or trolley tour of the city which is a quick and easy way to see the city. In the alternative, take a walk/jog along the Freedom trail which is a route you can take to see all the historic sites of the city like Paul Revere’s house. It’s about two and half miles long.

boston 2

If you are into shopping, Boston has a lot…but it’s not cheap. For boutique shopping check out the neighborhood of Back bay and Newbury street or Charles street in Beacon Hill. For more affordable shopping go to Downtown Crossing.

I didn’t get a chance to check out the museums but I’d recommend the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.


The one thing I did get to do here was eat…a lot. Boston has a lot of great places to dine. While you are there get yourself a warm lobster roll (to me even better than the already delish cold lobster rolls).  Check out Bostonia Public House. Note: I went there for happy hour only to discover that Boston does not allow for happy hour drink prices so be prepared for that. boston 3

Visiting the North End is a must. It’s the equivalent of Little Italy and there are so many affordable food options. If you have a sweet tooth then you have to visit Mike’s Pastry. I could have eaten everything in the store. I also had rather good pizza while in the area at BenCotto.

If you want good eats and in a trendy spot, check out Back Bay’s Buttermilk & Bourbon.  Good New Orleans inspired food (the.best.biscuits.eva) and tasty craft cocktails along with the décor give this place a fun vibe.

Overall, Boston is a cool, historic city that I’d recommend a quick stop in if you get a chance.

Out the Box

If you can’t tell from my novel snippet in last month’s newsletter, I’m big into horror. Especially quality horror films and I’ve found some foreign horror films of particular high quality. Here are some of my favorites.

Korea: I love so many things about Korea (food, skin care, TV dramas) so this was no surprise that I love K-horror as well. Check out these:

Train to Buscan– a tension filled zombie flick that will make you tear up,

Two Sisters– A great psychological family ghost story with tearful moments. Take a hard pass on the American remake, The Uninvited, and just watch this.

The Host- I swear much of my love for K-horror comes from the fact that they mix an emotional quality to it so it’s not just about killing off a bunch of random people. This is a monster horror flick about a man trying to save his daughter.

France: French horror films are not for the squeamish. They will make you uncomfortable.

High Tension- Very violent and suspense filled psychological horror about a family terrorized by intruders.

Matyrs- This one still stays with me. It started as one thing and became something else. The something else is what makes this movie so memorable to me. Again, two friends are terrorized by strangers.

Australia: Aussie horror is very similar to other Western horror only it has the Outback as a good setting.

Cargo– is another zombie flick but it includes aborigines and their culture which gave it a perspective I really enjoyed. This also has an emotional plot much like Train to Buscan.

The Babadook– Creepy ghost/supernatural horror story about a mother and child…and the boogyman.

UK: If you haven’t seen these, get to it:

The Descent– I hate caves. Monster horror story

28 Days Later– One of my all time favorite zombie movies.

Monsters- A post apocalyptic world filled with…you guessed it, monsters.

Spain: Love Spanish horror stories. They don’t go the typical western route and the creep factor is real.

The Orphanage– a beautiful ghost story that will make you cry

Rec: Another zombie-ish horror film but with found footage and very tension filled. I also enjoyed the American remake, Quarantine.

Japan: I can’t close out a horror list without mentioning J-horror. A ton of American horror films in the recent couple of decades have come from Japanese horror (The Ring, The Grudge, Dark Water, Oldboy, Pulse, One Missed Call).  See the original versions of these American remake horror films but also:

Audition– Psychological horror story

Three Extremes– Three disturbing tales

Itchi the Killer- More of an action than horror but the gore can make it quality.

Ok, I think this is enough to get you going for an at home October fright-fest. Happy Halloween!

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