free_to_live_modifiedWe are a website for the outgoing over 30 set who are active and looking for friends to share in social outings, traveling, networking, mentoring and lifestyle tip sharing.

We should be free to go out for drinks. Free to network. Free to mentor. Free to dream. Free to travel. Free to dance. Free to build. Free to live!

Check out the Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1879901062284746/

10417704_1561236197472253_782046892132779072_nI am originally from Baltimore, Maryland and have actively written fiction since the age of eleven. I’m also an avid “chick lit” reader and urban fantasy fan. During my days, I work in civil rights for the federal government. Before becoming a public servant, I briefly practiced law after graduating from law school. My writing and creating experience includes, script writing for the 48 Hour Film Project, blogging (including freelance), and hosting social/networking groups. I look forward to one day bringing more of a multicultural voice to the world of urban fantasy.
@catgirl04- Twitter
Cat Cooper- FB

I am a published author (ebook- The Mission out on amazon etc.) who writes chick lit and urban fantasy. Also check out my website www.ccsolomon.com and for updates about my novels and contests subscribe at http://eepurl.com/WLTEb




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