Beauty Haul: Urban Decay, Kat Von and Clinique, Glamglow

So I get a monthly subscription for a Sephora box. Each month many fabulous new products come to me in mini sizes for review. Sometimes it’s a hit sometimes it’s a miss. I’m on the search for a new subscription box so any suggestions are welcome. I like Sephora but I’d say that many of the products cater to certain skin care issues that I don’t have a big focus on like dry skin.

However, there are some hits. Here are my recent favs along with a quick review of urban decay naked pallet that I got separately.

Glamglow tinglexfoliate youth mud- this is perfect for exfoliating and making skin glow. For dry skin this is great. This also works for people like me who might get peely skin after overusing acne care products. s1463801-main-lhero

Nars velvet lip glide bound – This is beautiful against my skin. Has a very natural look; like a pinker version of my natural lip, but gives a hint of color with glam eyes. Not super long lasting but you maintain a color even after eating and drinking. Nars is pricey but might be worth the cost.

Clinique lip stain black honey- Although this shows up a bit reddish brown because it’s sheer it’s not overpowering and is another good lipstick for work or with a strong eye.





Black Honey



Urban Decay Naked Pallet – I really like this pallet. What made me pick it is that there were many reviews with women of color to show that it complemented darker skin tones nicely. I wanted more Smokey eye color options and this pallet has it.



Urban Decay Pallet and Nars Bound lipstick


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner- I am not a pro at lining my eyes but this is a great liner for doing a cat eye. The liner is bold so you don’t have to go over again and again. It also doesn’t wear off which is big for me since I have oily skin. I’ve heard good things about this makeup line so I’m curious to try more.



Kat Von D liner and Urban Decay eyeshadow



Lancome hypnose mascara- Since I don’t know how to put on fake lashes to save my life, I’m always searching for a mascara that will give me that look. This one is pretty darn close. Really just gives me that “done” look without putting too much effort into it.




Urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray- I usually stir clear of setting sprays because of my oily skin but decided to give this a whirl one night. I really liked it. I rocked a bold eye so I wanted my make up to stay in place. Not only did my make up stay but it didn’t make my skin oily. urban-decay

Hope this helps and if you have any subscription box recommendations let me know!



My Online Go-Tos


As a blogger, I spend more time than I care to admit online. Don’t worry, I venture out of my house. However there are times when I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of a brick and motor store and just order something quickly. I am also a person that likes to get answers quickly so I have sites I like to visit to get answers. So here are my favorite websites for the various areas of my life:


Contouring for the Everyday Gal

I love make up. I do not love putting it on. There’s the expectation I have and the reality. Truth is, going around looking like I’m in a confessional on the Housewives of (fill in the blank) isn’t really practical. However, I do love a good glam look every now and then. I’ve posted about getting dramatic lashes so what about the rest of your look for a real-life glam look?

There are YouTube videos and magazine articles out there that will tell you all about highlighting, contouring, luminizing, concealing, setting, baking (yes, I’m still talking about applying make up). Sure the after effect is super gorgeous but I don’t have anywhere to go that fancy. So here are my simpler steps for nighttime glam for a girl just going out for some cocktails with her pals.

  • Use a primer which is a good base for putting on your make up.
  • Don’t forget the SPF  if your foundation or primer doesn’t have any.
  • Put on concealer for any under eye circles and pimples
  • Put on foundation
  • Now get a lighter shade of makeup (a solid is best over liquid or powder) and do a filled in up side down triangle under the eyes going the length of the eye with the tip at cheeks.
  • Do a triangle on the forehead in between the eyes.
  • Put some down the bridge of your nose.
  • Use a darker shade and put on the hollow of your cheeks, right below the cheek bone.
  • If you are ambitious, you can put some around your hairline on your forehead and on your jaw line and the sides of your nose. I don’t
  • You can then put a bit of highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones and in the corners of your eyes.
  • Throw some blush on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Some people “bake” here and let all this sit for about 5 minutes before blending it all and finishing off with a setting powder or spray.
  • Now put on your lipstick. Bold matte lips are very in right now, especially dark reds and plums.


Big Eyes: How to Get the False Lash Look with Just Mascara


I have searched for hundreds of years (k so not that long) for a quick and non annoying way to get those false lash looks without the stress of putting on fake lashes. Sure, on a full moon I can successfully put on some lashes but most of the time I just look like Janis from the Muppets with my results. muppet_janice

I’ve tried thousands(k, maybe like ten) of mascaras in an attempt to replicate the divaness of false lashes and honestly, nothing works. Sure, the ads will tell you their mascaras are just like falsies but don’t believe the hype. But all is not lost. So you can’t have lashes like Kim K without some false action. Kim-Kardashian-Eyelashes-440x421

Doesn’t mean you can’t still have bombshell, diva lashes. Here are my top mascara’s that give you diva life without the hassle of lash application.

Loreal Manga – $7.99

Maybelline Pushup – $9.49  (I also want to try  Sensational with this company)

Diorshow Iconic  -$28.50

Benefit They’re Real! – $24

Ok, so you have the mascara. Now to give it the extra ooomph to make ’em pop.

When applying the first coat (yep, gonna go for more than one), wiggle the wand from side to side as you go up the lash.

Repeat a second time and more until you get the pop you like.

Don’t forget to put a coat on the bottom lashes.

Now, if you want doll like lashes like Kim K above, after the mascara has dried a little, vertically (like a windshield wiper) go over the lashes.

I’m telling ya, it works every time. Might get a little messy but nothing a tissue or Q-tip can’t fix. Now you got red carpet eyes without the application headache, so go somewhere fancy!

My Make-up Must haves

Every once in a while I like to alienate any men who might read this blog and do a posting strictly for the ladies. So, if you have read some earlier posts you know that I am a bit of a makeup junkie. I’ve tried to tone it back because make up really does expire after a few months to years so I don’t want to keep investing without throwing away so I’ve become very particular about what I buy.
This lead me to think up this post. When it comes to make up, here are the must have products that I don’t mind buying again and again:

  • Mascara- I am a big mascara girl but since you are supposed to trash it after three months (and remember don’t pump mascara just take the wand out, otherwise you are exposing it to more bacteria) I don’t like spending a lot on it (my fav expensive brand is Benefits Cosmetics They’re Real). So I am always in search for a good drugstore brand mascara. Right now I’m loving Photo Ready 3D volume. Gives me great volume and length without the high cost and stressful false lash application.

  • Powder- I have oily skin so I’m always looking for a great powder to set my makeup to avoid the “just went for jog” sweaty look. Makeup Forever HD Microfinish powder sets my makeup wonderfully without giving me that ashy face that sometime doesn’t pop up until you see the picture of yourself looking like a ghost. A bit pricy but worth it (found at Sephora)

  • BB Cream- ever since I heard of the Beauty Balm, first made famous in Asia before hitting the states, I was sold. An all in one cream that cuts down on the many products that I would apply on my face, thus saving time and money? I’m in! My department store option is Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream. It moisturizes, has SPF, primes and controls oil. Two good drugstore options are Garnier and Rimmel. Garnier just added one for oily skin which matifies, protects, minimizes pores, evens out skin and few other things. Rimmel does the same.

  • Lipstick- I love a long wear lipstick that doesn’t make my lips dry and peel. Loreal Infalliable lipstick is my go to for that. They have a large selection and I always get caught up trying to find a shade to buy.

  • Eyeliner- I’m a liquid liner girl all the way. Your eyes Will pop with liquid liner, you don’t even need eyeshadow and you will have a “notice me” look. But when I don’t feel like steadying my arm to get that perfect line, I go to Maybelline Eye Studio Master Drama Eyeliner. It gives the staying power and bold black color a liquid will without the hassle.

  • Blush- Ahh, the power of the blush. Many women sleep on this essential makeup. But I am telling you- don’t! It will transform your face. Just don’t go heavy, or you Will look like a clown. I’m no expert on blush so I like the easy go-to when finding the right color. I like Cargo’s blush because it comes in several shades in one can which can serve as a bronzer, blush and highlighter (I’m not so great at contouring but I swear if I could I’d be one fierce drag queen). I also love Bare Minerals blush. For a more sensible budget, I go to NYX blush (they are also good for eyeshadow)

Well hope this helps anyone out there looking for some makeup brand ideas. If you do try these brands or have tried them in the past please let me know how you made out with them.

My Top Five…


I am a makeup/beauty/magazine junkie. Every now and then I will put up a post that will turn off any male readers and this is one of them, sorry. If you are into fashion/make up then you know September is one of the biggest month’s for all things glam and just about every magazine is packed with information to feed my addiction. As such I was inspired to bring up my own mini post on some of my own favorite products. Choosing just five is difficult but in order to keep myself in check I must limit myself. So here are my tried and true beauty products that I will invest in time again!

  1. Miss Jessies Curly Buttercreme: I have naturally curly hair and therefore it is as dry as a dessert. This stuff will make my hair less tumbleweed and more luscious. It’s not cheap (surprising since Targets sells it) but its worth my dime every time!
  2. Benefits They’re Real: When the Sephora lady told me that this mascara was the best thing out, I had my doubts but I put it on and my lashes looked awesome. Way better than my current Maybeline Falsies. It’s pricey (around $21) but worth the investment if you love that false lash look.
  3. Dr. Brandt Pores No More: anything in this line really. I did some major research and every review/advice pointed to this line. I have VERY oily skin and I can’t stand it! I put this on and no oily skin messing up my make up or making my skin feel iky. Another pricey affair (about $45) but if you have extremely oily skin sometimes you gotta make that investment.
  4. Bare Escentuals: Again for an oily skined gal, mineral is the way to go. It’s not heavy but fully covers and it last a LONG time because the ingridents are more natural so I don’t have to toss it as quickly.
  5. Chi Ion flat iorn– I’ve had mine forever (and I want it to last forever since I dropped a pretty penny for mine well before it got the hype it rightly deserves and other lines started making them for way less). As I stated before, since I have natural, unrelaxed hair, having a chi is literally the best thing since sliced bread for me. When I blow out my hair I looke like Rudi Huxtable but this tames my hair so it looks relaxed and blows in the breeze. Love it!

Any favorite products that are a must for you?

Make it Last Forever


Had to repost this because the system lost the original post and didn’t save, grrr.

I’m a make up gal through and through and the one product I have been searching for forever is long lasting lipstick. Many brands claim to have them but they always wear off as soon as you take a sip of a drink or make your lips dry and peely (I had one unfortunate experience where I was out with a group of friends and then went to the bathroom to try to exfoliate my lips which were covered in spotty pieces of lipstick that was allegedly long wearing, this was a long process and no one believed me when I told them and instead believed I was doing a number two! Grrr). So as you can see I am seriously searching for a solution because I hate reapplying lipstick. But, alas, I have found some brands that I find suitable, although none have lasted the 8-24 hours they claim, these brands do last a very long time and still leave a lip stain color. It’s really all in how you apply it.

1) Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay- This is my favorite. It doesn’t last 24 hours but color in some degree will remain on your lips. Here’s the key, put on the color side first and then wait until it dries then put on the balm side. You can reapply the balm side as much as you want which helps keep the color strong and keep lips moisturized. But even if you don’t lips aren’t crackly dry and you still keep some color.
2) Clinique Longwear- simple long wearing lipstick, looks more like a stain by the end of the day
3) Loreal Infallible- same as Clinique but cheaper. The colors are creamy and not drying or peeling and last most of the day to some degree.
4) MAC Pro Longwear- same as Maybelline but comes in more “glammy colors”

Make Me Over


April 24, 2011

Every once and awhile I will ostracize the male readers and focus on the girlie side of life. I am a make up gal to the heart. I’ve been wearing make-up since I was 13 and while I didn’t go all cover girl immediately, I’ve learned a thing or two in the time since. So thought I’d share on some of my findings. This way you can avoid my mistakes and save some dough! Each one teach one and all that!

This month’s focus: mascara.

If there is only one makeup product I could take with me on a deserted island it would be mascara. It’s an instant eye opener with or without eye shadow and liner. Anytime I see a new mascara advertised I rush to buy it. I think I may have a problem… Here are my takes on few out now


• Cover Girl Lash Fusion- A mascara that volumizes and lengthens?! I’m all over it! And I have to say I like it, I like it alot. I can wear it to work or add a few more coats and go out on the town in it at night.

• Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes – It’s advertised as a mascara that will make your eye lashes thick and pretty. And it does, except with that volume comes flaking and this girl hates a flake! No one wants to step out thinking they are glamorous and then look in the bathroom mirror and find a bunch of black crap under their eyes. For that reason, I can’t recommend this.


• Maybelline Falsies- This is supposed to give your lashes the look of eye popping false lashes without actually having to go through the pain of getting false lashes. And while I think that the claim is exaggerated, this is my all time favorite night time mascara so far. I particularly love the Black Drama version. My eyes instantly pop and the lashes do look glam. I’ve also been complimented with it on. Sold!

• Maybelline Great Lash – This classic always works for me. Great for work or night life. It’s always ranked highly in magazine reader’s polls and sometimes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

• Cover Girl Eyelights- This is supposed to make your eyes look brighter. I don’t know how but it didn’t work for this brown eyed girl. On to the next one!


• Rimmel Max Volume Flash- This brand from London is pretty good. The Cosmo girl that I am loves the one in Black. Brings a pop to the eyes!

• Maybelline Stilettos- if you can’t tell, I’m a Maybelline gal. Of all the drugstore makeup brands this is my favorite. Stilettos is great for night or day and the volumizer one is as good as the Covergirl Fusion.

• Maybelline One by One- Now I’ll praise Maybelline but I’m not a blind follower. I actually don’t like this one. It’s supposed to really coat each lash for volume. But I was underwhelmed by the outcome. I kept putting more and more on for an effect but that was just a sign that this is not the one for me.


• Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara- You thought I hated on department store brands? Nope. I actually love Clinique skin care line (to discuss in another post) and tried this mascara as a free gift. This is a good day to night one as well and doesn’t clump or flake.

• Mascara with glitter(sometimes called diamonds) or color- I don’t like them of any brand. It gets messy and just looks like you have a crumb in your eyelashes. I find it annoying…
If there are any mascara brands you want to share. Be an enabler and fill me in!