Beauty Haul: Urban Decay, Kat Von and Clinique, Glamglow

So I get a monthly subscription for a Sephora box. Each month many fabulous new products come to me in mini sizes for review. Sometimes it’s a hit sometimes it’s a miss. I’m on the search for a new subscription box so any suggestions are welcome. I like Sephora but I’d say that many of the products cater to certain skin care issues that I don’t have a big focus on like dry skin.

However, there are some hits. Here are my recent favs along with a quick review of urban decay naked pallet that I got separately.

Glamglow tinglexfoliate youth mud- this is perfect for exfoliating and making skin glow. For dry skin this is great. This also works for people like me who might get peely skin after overusing acne care products. s1463801-main-lhero

Nars velvet lip glide bound – This is beautiful against my skin. Has a very natural look; like a pinker version of my natural lip, but gives a hint of color with glam eyes. Not super long lasting but you maintain a color even after eating and drinking. Nars is pricey but might be worth the cost.

Clinique lip stain black honey- Although this shows up a bit reddish brown because it’s sheer it’s not overpowering and is another good lipstick for work or with a strong eye.





Black Honey



Urban Decay Naked Pallet – I really like this pallet. What made me pick it is that there were many reviews with women of color to show that it complemented darker skin tones nicely. I wanted more Smokey eye color options and this pallet has it.



Urban Decay Pallet and Nars Bound lipstick


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner- I am not a pro at lining my eyes but this is a great liner for doing a cat eye. The liner is bold so you don’t have to go over again and again. It also doesn’t wear off which is big for me since I have oily skin. I’ve heard good things about this makeup line so I’m curious to try more.



Kat Von D liner and Urban Decay eyeshadow



Lancome hypnose mascara- Since I don’t know how to put on fake lashes to save my life, I’m always searching for a mascara that will give me that look. This one is pretty darn close. Really just gives me that “done” look without putting too much effort into it.




Urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray- I usually stir clear of setting sprays because of my oily skin but decided to give this a whirl one night. I really liked it. I rocked a bold eye so I wanted my make up to stay in place. Not only did my make up stay but it didn’t make my skin oily. urban-decay

Hope this helps and if you have any subscription box recommendations let me know!



Beauty Haul: ColourPop

So some time ago I made a beauty purchase to ColourPop (my favorite inexpensive lippie, eyeshadow, and blush brand) and so I’m giving you a quick review of my purchases.


Lips: Metallics Jam, 3 way, Zebra


I think they look great on medium brown skin. 3 way and Zebra are stand alone for your lips. Make sure your lips aren’t too dry as it can highlight lip lines. Jam looks better topped over another color, especially a nude color. It gives a nice pop as a center lip highlighter.


 Cheeks: Swift Blush and Candyman Highlighter

Both are fabulous on my skin tone. Swift gives my cheeks a bit of color and it’s not overpowering. Especially if I’m going for more of a bold eye or lip look. Candyman gives my skin a nice highlight and is now one of my favorites.


Here are some looks with the blush, highlighter and lips (zebra then 3 way)




Hope this helps!



Four Easy Inexpensive Holiday Glam Looks


It’s the holidays and between Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve parties, this is a busy glam look season. Here are a few quick looks for the gal who likes make up but doesn’t want to go super duper heavy.

Those Red Lips

This is super simple. Keep the eyes bare and go for the lashes with Maybelline the Falsies Push Up Angel mascara (I’m no good with false lashes so I’m all about a good mascara and this one is The Truth). Cheeks are simple pink (this is Wet n Wild Coloricon in Mellow Wine  ). On the lips go for that matte red (L.A. Girls Matte in Frisky). In the alternative, you can line the eyes with a dark pencil (black, brown, or navy blue), smudge the lines with a finger or angled brush and go over the lids with a  bronze eyeshadow. Lips can be dark red or plum (I used Colourpop Lax)


Heavy Metal

Here is all about the bronze eyes and metallic lips. I used my urban decay Chocolate pallet mixing differing shades of gold and brown. You can use any  eyeshadows just use the darkest brown in the outer corners and the lower lash line, a lighter brown on the lids and the gold on the center of the lids. Line the eyes with black pencil. Used my Push up Mascara again. On my cheeks is Essence Silky Touch Blush in Autumn Peach with Avalon highlighter and on the lips is 3 Way from ColourPop.


Two Eye Focused Looks

Green Smokey Eyes

I used green eyeliner (any kind) around the eyes, then on the lid I used green metallic eye shadow from M.A.C. (the name rubbed off), in the outer corners and lower lash line I used Bae from ColourPop. On the center lid I used Nillionare also from ColourPop. Remember to blend, blend, blend. Lashes is Push up mascara again on bottom and top. On my cheeks I used Colourpop Swift and highlighted tips of nose, under my brows, corners of my eyes and top of my cheeks with Candyman also by Colourpop. I lined my lips in a brownish pink (or pinkish brown) from NYX and filled it in with Colourpop Rayezor and went over it with My Jam.


Quick Cut Crease Eye

I’ve been eyeing the cut crease look for a while but is not an easy look to accomplish. But I gave it a go. Here’s my shortish natural cut crease look as I didn’t want it to stand out too much. This look is great on camera but can be too much for being out in the real world so subtle is best. Use a yellowish/ beige color on the lids, line the top of your crease using an angled brush with dark brown shadow. Also line the bottom lashes with that brown. Using a blending brush go over, with a light touch, the top of the crease with more dark brown shadow. Wing all of this out. Go back over the lid with the beige shadow for any cleanup. For more perfection get a concealer bush and do the touch ups to make the line standout (I even used some concealer for clean up). Do a black cat eye wing on top and line the bottom water line and do a highlight in the inner corners of the eye. Mascara, light peachy blush, some highlighter, pinkish lips. Done. The look is in that eye for that 60s vibe.


New Post to come in the new year. Until then happy glam-filled Holidays!

Fun and Quick Halloween Costume Designs for the Cosmo Gal

So in the spirit of Halloween I thought I couldn’t let my birth month end without a post on fun Halloween costumes for the urban gal who wants to look made up but not on a huge budget.

I am a huge Halloween gal so I have a bag stuffed with costume ideas. And if you are a makeup gal like me this is a great time of year to go all out with your looks. Here are some ideas I’ve tried or seen that are great for a gal who wants a cute (or just fun) look without a high cost.

Dark Fairy

This is a super easy one to do. All you need is a black dress or black separates, some black wings and maybe a head piece. You can also add fishnets and elf ears. But the key is the makeup. Some people are super skilled here but I am more average. All you may need outside of your normal makeup pallet is some white paint or liner.  Go with a smoky  and lined up eye, dark contouring/blush, some highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones. Then I added some black and white dots above the brow. I then did some creative liners outside the eye with the black and white pencils. Finish off with dark lips.


Black Cat

This is a simple and fun look. All you need are some ears, maybe a tail and a collar. Wear all black. The rest is makeup. Here is a fun and easy look to copy below.


Fallen Angel

Another easy and creative idea that is a play on words. An angel that literally fell and hurt herself. You need some wings and a halo and all white outfit. I slightly bent the halo, stuck some leaves in my hair, Band-Aid on my forehead and wrapped my hand.



For a zombie look just cut up a shirt, add some red paint, makeup. On the face do red shadow up to the brow and below the eye. Go over with dark eyeshawdow above and below. Use a black pencil for wavy lines below the eyes. If you are going zombie use the liner to make z shaped “scars” on your face add two short horizontal lines across the Z lines. Using red lipstick or pencil add “blood” around the lips. Go for dark lips.



This is a glamourous option. On the eyes go for gold/bronze colors. Line the upper lids with a gold eyeliner out to a cat eye. Copy that with black pencil on the bottom. Highlight cheekbones, tip of nose, inner corners of eyes and inside brow bone. Finish with some red lips and top with red glitter.



Blue shadow, highlight brow bone. The real look is in the liner as shown below. You can go however you like but this is a common and easy look.



This is a super easy look. For this I would go with face paint to help really make the look pop. White dots on the face (I’ve also seen this done with red and just as effective), blue to make tears under the eye and outline with black pencil. Outline the nose, eyes, lips, jaw, a line under the cheekbone, collar bone (and cleavage if you want) with black pencil. Red lip and white rectangle shape on the bottom lip to emulate shine. If you want to add more emotion you can do two short vertical black lines between the eyebrows. Painting on the Pow sign is optional.


Happy Halloween!

Beauty Haul: Color Pop, Make up Forever Etc.


I recently made some makeup purchases as is my habit. My current addition is colourpop. They are lucky they don’t have a brick and motor store. So just going to do a quick review of some of my latest beauty purchases for those makeup freaks like me.

Colour Pop:

Matte Lippie Taurus

Highlighter Avalon

Ultra Glossy Lip My Jam

Eye shadow Bae and Nillionare

Overall love the colors. Can never go wrong with Colorpop.


From Left: Makeup Forever Artist Shadow, ColourPop Avalon highlighter, Nillionare and Bae eyeshadow


I also purchased Dermablend blurring moose camo foundation which claims to help decrease the appearance of textural imperfections in the skin. While it doesn’t quite do it perfectly, it does cover up any pigment imperfections and helps minimize large pores. However, I’m not sold on it being good to hold back oiliness just yet. I mix it with It powder no more pores which is my truth so can’t tell  yet. One note, no make up is a cure all but you have to put it on right to get the best effect. There are tons of youtube videos on how to put on foundation to hide flaws. Here’s my quick and dirty, put it IN the skin not just on. This is why beauty blenders are so popular. Press the foundation in the skin, don’t just smear it across the face. Tap/press the color in all over the face (yes, this will take time), then lightly blend it all. This helps with covering the imperfections.

I also go Urban Decay Perversion mascara which made my lashes say Hey. Although not a cheap product. Real talk, Loreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara works just as well and is my every day go to.  Finally I got a sample of Makeup forever artist shadow. Nice but nothing to write home about. They have other products that I prefer.



Finished look with Taurus on my lips and My Jam on the top in the center. Avalon highlighter above my check bones and at the tip of my nose. On my eyes, Make up forver on the lids with Nillionare over top. Bae in the outer corner. Perversion mascara on. Dermablend on the skin with It Powder on top. A simple wet and wild black eyeliner on top and bottom of eye water lines.

Beauty Haul: It Cosmetics


If you can’t tell by now I am a sucker for some makeup. I also struggle with super duper oily skin, pores of life, and adult acne (seriously why haven’t we come up with a cure for that yet, ah yes, because there’s money in buying acne products, grumble capitalism grumble).

Anywho, there I was watching a TV show when up pops a lengthy commercial for It Cosmetics. I’m in a few make up facebook groups and I keep hearing about this brand. It sells in places like Sephora as well. Yet, here it was on TV promising all sorts of skin miracles from covering roseasa, dark circles, acne marks, wrinkle, large pores. You name it. It’s supposed to be a really cutting edge brand tested by plastic surgeons. And they had a sweet deal on a sample kit of the Beautiful You collection so I went on line and quickly made the purchase.

Some days later I got several products, some in travel size. Here are my thoughts:


Bye Bye Foundation- I believe this was a travel size. The claim is that it gives you full coverage without looking too cakey. One pump of the color didn’t get me exactly full coverage but it gave me much better coverage than other makeup. A second coating would do wonders I’m sure. I will say that it did help a lot against oiliness. I usually need a mattifying primer but didn’t need one with this (ok I forgot to put it on but turns out it worked). Also it is SPF 50 which is  a big perk. Biggest con- limited shades. I got the darkest color they had and it was still a smidge lighter than I’d prefer. I’m light/medium brown so this really excludes a LOT of skin tones.

Bye Bye Pores- I got this in a travel size and in a matching skin tone color. This is like wiping magic on your face. I have pores the size of pot holes (ok I’m exaggerating…a bit). So nothing was going to make them totally disappear into an alternate dimension. But this comes pretty close and it keeps the oiliness away. One of the few times I actually felt ok with my skin.

Bye Bye Anti Aging Concealer- got this in a travel size. This right here…*gets the holy ghost* is the truth. I will be buying this. It blended smoothly under my eyes and over spots. This concealer matched my skin tone better than the foundation. I don’t have dark circles but if I did I’d wear this all day all night.

Vitality Lip Flush 4 in 1 Reviver Lip Stain in Je Na Seis Quoi- On first sight I thought this was just a fancy chapstick. But I was wrong. It conditions your lips and brings out the natural pink in your lips so you look nice and pretty without being made up . There are other colors in the collection so I’m curious to try them as well

Hello Lashes 5 in 1 Mascara- I got it in a travel size. It’s suppose to prime, volumize, enhance, tint and curl. Really made my lashes pop. I’d get it again.

CC Raidiance Vitality Brightening Crème Disc- This was a full size contour pallet and consists of a bronzer, blush and highlighter. I lived the bronzer ad the blush was nice against my skin tone. The highlighter was a bit ashy on my complexation but it looked great on darker and lighter skin tones on youtube.

Heavenly Luxe Complexation Perfection Brush- I paid less for the whole kit than what this brush usually cost but let me tell you, this brush is everything! Feels like feathers on the skin and really helps press in the color for making pores look smaller and covering marks. Don’t even bother using a beauty blender.

All in all a lovely brand. Here is my look with all of the products. In my opinion it all came together for a very natural look!






Makeup Fav: Too Faced Chocolate Palette


I usually reserve my pricey makeup purchases for foundations and the occasional wonder mascara but then I said one day ‘Cat, treat yo self’. So I went to my local Ulta (or was it Sephora?) and got the popular Too Faced Chocolate Palette. And it was well worth the price because I love it!

I was looking for a palette with colors that would show well on my skin tone and this one does the trick!


With a good eye primer the colors show up nicely on brown skin. The package comes with a few how-to looks for those who don’t know where to begin. Here are a couple of looks I’ve done.



I also looked to YouTube for some good instructions on looks to copy and make sure I get my money’s worth out of this product. Here are a couple good tutorials.

Smokey Eye Look

Purple Smokey Eye Look

Glam Eye Look on Brown Skin

Gold Eye Look

If you’re looking for a good department store brand eye shadow set I think this is worth the money.


Products I Like Right Now

So new random post of beauty products that I like:

  • Skin Food Tea Tree Clearing Emulsion– Emulsions are a Koreanteatree type of beauty product, thinner than a serum so they should be the first level for product application to the skin. This is a good product to help with acne prone skin
  • NYX Wonder Pencil– It’s a three in one flesh toned pencil good for covering spots, brightening eyes and lining lips to prevent feathering and bleeding of lipstick.
  • Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector– This is pricey but if you are a super oily gal like me it’s worth it to prevent crazy shine. You can wear it alone or under makeup and put it on later for touch ups.
  • Clinique Pep-Start – A good eye cream that gives you a wake me up in the morning if you have “tired looking” eyes. Just put on the skin under the eye.
  • clinique
  • Peter Thomas Roth Firm Peeling Gel Exfoliant– Also super expensive but I just get the travel size. I use this when I get dry, peely skin. Just massage into skin and it gets the dead skin, then rinse off with water.
  • Good Genes by Sunday Riley– Extremely expensive. I got a travel size. Can be used as a serum or overnight mask. It’s an all in one Lactic Acid Treatment which I use to plump any facial lines, even out my skin tone and exfoliate. sunday riley
  • Sephora Colorful Cheek Ink Gel– Great gel blush, really pops on brown skin and just makes me feel cheerful.

Welp, these are my favorites right now! Till next time!

Beauty methods that I’m loving right now



NYX curve liner– For any girl that loves the winged eye liner look but struggles to master it this tool is a time saver. I get the perfect wing every time with this one.


L.O.C.- I’ve discussed this before but must say it again. No matter your hair curl pattern, curly girls should do the L.O.C. method (and if you have low porosity hair do the L.C.O. method). So what is it? Wash your hair and use a Leave in conditioner, Oil and Cream.

I am not loyal to a conditioner (although I do like the Cantu Shea Butter Products). For oil I go for coconut, argon or castor. For cream I go between Miss Jessies Curly Pudding or Pillow Soft curls or Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Milk or Smoothie. For second and third day (or if you’re lucky fourth day) curl reviver I spray with a leave in conditioner and water concoction and, if needed, add my cream or Eco Styler product.

Here is a good tutorial that matches my routine.

Glue on nails– Outside of going to the salon and getting a gel manicure, polish just does not stay on my nails. So when I want a manicured look on my own, I go for glue on nails. And they’ve come a long way since the 80s. Kiss nails are my favorite brand. If glued properly, they can last me 7-14 days and are super cheap!


Here’s a good tutorial

Foot masks – You want soft feet but don’t have time to go to the salon or get a paraffin treatment? Foot Mask are a great option. They go on kind of like socks but there’s mask “stuff” in them. You wear them for about 30 minutes and you’re good. Different brands do different things. I’m not loyal to any particular one.

Sleeping masks– This has become all the rage. They are mask you wear while sleeping for every type of skin issue. I swear, if you want to know where the next beauty trend is going to come from see what’s happening in Japan and South Korea because half of these new beauty trends (serums, bb creams) come from these places. I’m a fan of the Sephora brand.sleeping mask


Micellar Water– I love make up, makeup doesn’t love my skin. I get tired and don’t always have the strength to do a complete wash. This product is the fix. It takes off even water proof makeup and you can do it from the comfort of you bed. Better than cloths because it acts as a magnet to take the makeup and keep pores clean!

micellar water

Hope this helps!

Beauty haul: Matte Lippies


The Matte lipstick craze has been going on for a while now and I know I’m late to the game but over the past year I’ve become obsessed. It wasn’t an easy transition for me to go to bold, matte lips. I have fuller lips and all my life my lipstick journey has been to not emphasize them. Wearing a neutral shimmer lipstick was my go to. However, I woke up months ago and said “Cat (that’s what I call myself), why are you hiding something that some women pay money to have? Love what God gave you?”

And since full lips are the thing right now, why not just go out and go hard. Go for mattes!

About 12 matte lipsticks later (I told you I was obsessed), I’ve found some of my favorite, cheap brands. Nothing against the department store lippies, but I go all out on most of my skincare products and lipsticks are just not one of them.

So here are some of my favorite matte affordable lipsticks that work on medium brown skin (because not all colors are for everyone, especially in a bold matte).

Color Pop. I am so in love with this brand. They are only $6 a pop and show up in full color. They are kiss proof and drink proof. You an eat with it and might need a bit of retouching. It dries almost immediately which is a plus as some mattes take a bit of time to dry to get the matte look. The only con is that they can be a bit drying so you might have to exfoliate your lips from time to time. Here are some pics of my favorites. The top color is in full dry matte form.

lippie 1

Lax (dry), Chilly Chilli (still wet), Tulle (stll wet, gets darker)



LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss– $5. You can find this online but many of your local beauty supply stores will have it as well. Some of the colors are a bit much for me but there are a few colors that are wearable without standing out too much. It doesn’t dry as quickly at color pop but it will dry. The colors are also strong and vivid and it last pretty long as well although not fully kiss proof/drink proof

lippie 3

NYX matt lip cream Rome, LA Girl Matte Rebel, Color POP More Better



NYX– $6. I love this brand in general. They are great dupe for expensive department store brands. They have a very large array of matte lippies. They also dry quickly but are not fully food/drink proof. I like the liquid suede line and  the matte lip creams.

Ruby Kisses– $3-$4 The cheapest of the bunch. The laquer takes a while to dry but the lipstick

lip 4

Ruby Kisses Spicy Brown, Ruby Kisses Lacquer Ruby, NYX Soft Spoken (great dupe for Kat Von D Lolita)


is quick drying. The colors are vivid and it is long lasting (not full food proof).