Beauty Haul: Urban Decay, Kat Von and Clinique, Glamglow

So I get a monthly subscription for a Sephora box. Each month many fabulous new products come to me in mini sizes for review. Sometimes it’s a hit sometimes it’s a miss. I’m on the search for a new subscription box so any suggestions are welcome. I like Sephora but I’d say that many of the products cater to certain skin care issues that I don’t have a big focus on like dry skin.

However, there are some hits. Here are my recent favs along with a quick review of urban decay naked pallet that I got separately.

Glamglow tinglexfoliate youth mud- this is perfect for exfoliating and making skin glow. For dry skin this is great. This also works for people like me who might get peely skin after overusing acne care products. s1463801-main-lhero

Nars velvet lip glide bound – This is beautiful against my skin. Has a very natural look; like a pinker version of my natural lip, but gives a hint of color with glam eyes. Not super long lasting but you maintain a color even after eating and drinking. Nars is pricey but might be worth the cost.

Clinique lip stain black honey- Although this shows up a bit reddish brown because it’s sheer it’s not overpowering and is another good lipstick for work or with a strong eye.





Black Honey



Urban Decay Naked Pallet – I really like this pallet. What made me pick it is that there were many reviews with women of color to show that it complemented darker skin tones nicely. I wanted more Smokey eye color options and this pallet has it.



Urban Decay Pallet and Nars Bound lipstick


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner- I am not a pro at lining my eyes but this is a great liner for doing a cat eye. The liner is bold so you don’t have to go over again and again. It also doesn’t wear off which is big for me since I have oily skin. I’ve heard good things about this makeup line so I’m curious to try more.



Kat Von D liner and Urban Decay eyeshadow



Lancome hypnose mascara- Since I don’t know how to put on fake lashes to save my life, I’m always searching for a mascara that will give me that look. This one is pretty darn close. Really just gives me that “done” look without putting too much effort into it.




Urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray- I usually stir clear of setting sprays because of my oily skin but decided to give this a whirl one night. I really liked it. I rocked a bold eye so I wanted my make up to stay in place. Not only did my make up stay but it didn’t make my skin oily. urban-decay

Hope this helps and if you have any subscription box recommendations let me know!



Big Eyes: How to Get the False Lash Look with Just Mascara


I have searched for hundreds of years (k so not that long) for a quick and non annoying way to get those false lash looks without the stress of putting on fake lashes. Sure, on a full moon I can successfully put on some lashes but most of the time I just look like Janis from the Muppets with my results. muppet_janice

I’ve tried thousands(k, maybe like ten) of mascaras in an attempt to replicate the divaness of false lashes and honestly, nothing works. Sure, the ads will tell you their mascaras are just like falsies but don’t believe the hype. But all is not lost. So you can’t have lashes like Kim K without some false action. Kim-Kardashian-Eyelashes-440x421

Doesn’t mean you can’t still have bombshell, diva lashes. Here are my top mascara’s that give you diva life without the hassle of lash application.

Loreal Manga – $7.99

Maybelline Pushup – $9.49  (I also want to try  Sensational with this company)

Diorshow Iconic  -$28.50

Benefit They’re Real! – $24

Ok, so you have the mascara. Now to give it the extra ooomph to make ’em pop.

When applying the first coat (yep, gonna go for more than one), wiggle the wand from side to side as you go up the lash.

Repeat a second time and more until you get the pop you like.

Don’t forget to put a coat on the bottom lashes.

Now, if you want doll like lashes like Kim K above, after the mascara has dried a little, vertically (like a windshield wiper) go over the lashes.

I’m telling ya, it works every time. Might get a little messy but nothing a tissue or Q-tip can’t fix. Now you got red carpet eyes without the application headache, so go somewhere fancy!